The habit of writing to friends via email to keep them up to date on my life and adventures has become a bit fanciful over the years. Describing your life as it unfolds doesn't always make for the liveliest reading, unless of course you have an eye for beauty, irony, comedy, drama, silliness, hypocrisy, and institutional stupidity. I have embellished my experiences with increasing frequency, but they are still based on real events. Friends have encouraged me to collect these short travelogs in one place for others to enjoy. What follows is the best of the messages based on response of readers. Enjoy.
The Drifter
The Balboa Chili Dog A reflective essay on taking time along the way to enjoy life, inspired by Southerern California's Balboa island off the coast of Newport. It sounds a little like an Alamo commercial. I love Alamo commercials.

Best Tour by a Dam Site Hoover Dam is a legend in the annals of American construction projects. It is a thrill to see and an even bigger thrill to tour. Come along with me and feel the rush of water deep in the heart of the dam.

London Bridge is Falling Down There is a new London Bridge in old London, if that's your thing, but if you find yourself in Arizona, you can see the original London Bridge right here in the good old U.S. of A.

Arizona Drifter The forgotten southwest corner of Arizona is lower, flatter and less attractive than most of the rest of the state, until you get to the Colorado river basin which forms the western boundry. There the mountains rise dramatically in a portrait of dusty colors.

Japanese Canyon Photo Op Japanese tourists in America make the Grand Canyon a must-see event. Armed with cameras to spare, a Canyon visit is chance to capture world-class vacation snapshots for that family album.

The $500 Maryland Crabcake Crabs have been known to travel great distances to spawn. Crabcakes, on the other hand lose something with each mile distant from Chesapeake Bay. Aficionados will go to great lengths to hunt down the crabcake in its natural lair.

On the road again! The drifter takes a road trip following the job like a migratory worker, Phoenix - El Paso - Dallas - Memphis - Nashville. Where next, I wonder.

Americana Roadrace If you have never been to a NASCAR race, you may be in for a bit of culture shock. Like any other sport, there is a ton of insider fan information which takes some getting used to. But I was not prepared for all the non-race events that go into making up the biggest part of the show.