Essays & Musings

Sometimes I have serious thoughts, and ideas get stuck in my head. The only way to get them out is to write. Some pieces presented here are more serious than others. A few have been published in magazines or other websites. Best to just follow your nose.
The Thinker

Anyone Can Teach The making of a college teacher - Autobiographical (Posted on LinkedIn)

Harold's Shock and Awe Those high paying industrial jobs may be a thing of the past. (Posted on LinkedIn)

Mitchell's Secret How did this guy get to be so smart? (Posted on LinkedIn)

Road Dancers Memory is triggered by smells and tastes and sights and sounds. In this case a song on the radio catches me in a meditative state driving down a highway late at night and brings back the ghost of a forgotten teenage love.

Second Avenue Courting on the streets of Nashville.

Simeon Originally published in The Ecphorizer, No. 33, May 1984, a publication of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (no comments please). It's the story of a man who stared too long at his coputer screen and lost his soul.

Smoke gets in my Eyes An encounter, a flirtation and a glass wall in the Toronto airport.

The Harpist The fine art of embellishment in storytelling.

The Magic Hat If I never believed in magic before this event, I sure do now. I thought the stories of Frosty the Snowman were made up to entertain kids. That was before I found a magic hat of my very own.

The Night Visitor Who's that scratching ever softly, scratching at my bedroom door? Go away and nevermore.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Ran out of dishwasher soap. Liquid concentrate will do, right?

You're Never Too Old! Written for Marcia Connor's LineZine eMagazine ten years ago and still one of my favorites. “…the purpose of life is to love and to learn.”