Gene Ziegler is a retired educator who lives on the internet and writes primarily to amuse himself, family, friends, and anyone else who finds themselves on this page. He holds a Ph.D. from Penn State University and has held teaching and administrative positions at Colgate University, Cornell University, Arizona State University, and American Sentinel University.

This page takes you to links for more than fifty essays, poems, parodies, social and political commentaries, letters to the editor, travelogues, and a few professional pieces. Some of my favorites are memories under the heading “Time Capsule”.

The showpiece of this collection is a poem I wrote in 1994 while at Cornell that went viral internationally. A Google search on the poem will still yield 1.5 million hits after more than 25 years. Read about it HERE.

Read, explore, and enjoy. The printable index is comprehensive, annotated, and linked to individual items. The clocktower offers the same material organized more for exploring. Write to me if you find something you especially like. Repost with permission only, please.